Vision, Mission & Statement of Beliefs

Vision Statement

Each student will develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically, within an equal and safe environment.

Mission Statement

Preparing each student for a lifetime of learning

Statement of Beliefs

We believe the purpose of a middle school in our society is to help students become good citizens, lifelong learners, and healthy, caring, ethical, and intellectually reflective individuals.  To this end, Iberia Middle School does strive to accomplish the following:


  1. To give varied educational experiences that will satiate the needs of individual students.
  2. To instill the critical thinking skills necessary to survive in a complex and ever changing environment.
  3. To define and refine a core and exploratory course offering that is pertinent to the functional needs for students with a range of abilities.
  4. To be committed to the transient and to convey high expectations for all to insure opportunities to meet potentials.
  5. To understand the developmental uniqueness of the students and to be knowledgeable about the students as well as subject matter.
  6. To model inclusive, collaborative, and team oriented approaches to learning.
  7. To empower students to learn to become intellectually engaged and to behave in keeping with the expectations of a responsible citizen.
  8. To support and assist parents and families in creating and sustaining positive home environments.
  9. To promote a safe and inviting school climate that promotes a sense of community and encourages learning.
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